1. Departamento de Salud
  2. Colegio de Médicos Cirujanos de PR
  3. MMM
  4. PR Se Pone de Pie
  5. Sistema Integral de Salud
  6. VarMed
Report Date Municipality Community Visiting Entity PDF Report Follow Up Visit Recommendation Follow Up Visit Date
02-Dec-2017 Ponce n/a No
03-Dec-2017 Loíza Colobo n/a No
05-Dec-2017 Utuado n/a No
07-Dec-2017 Utuado n/a No
09-Dec-2017 Morovis PDF No
10-Dec-2017 Manatí Heart to Heart PDF No
To see a list of medical needs collected by our volunteers at ConnectRelief, you can access the information by Municipality, Communities, Elderly Homes or Organizations. The medical needs appear in the fourth column. For patient contact information, you need to contact ConnectRelief at 787-234-0680 or at

To access as a medical provider or clinic access here.